Carrot-Orange Muffins for a Winter Morning

Hearty and robust or delicate and cake-like, all muffins have a place on the morning table. Homemade jams and preserves go well with full-flavored muffins, while the more subtle ones need only sweet butter, a little crème fraîche, or perhaps a spoonful of jelly. Some muffins filled with berries, need no accompaniment at all.


Tuna & Potato Fishcakes

These fishcakes are delicious, no matter how many you are going to make they will disappear in front of your eyes. Usually I have a few photographs for a recipe, but today I have only two photos for you, you know why? I have started eating the cakes from my photo shoot-)) They are great for a party, your friends are going to love it. You can make the tuna cakes few hours before the meal, but before serving put them in the oven preheated to 375F for about 10-15 minutes. The fishcakes will be hot and crispy, and ready to be eaten-)) Serve them with tartar sauce or Country Rémoulade sauce.


Russian Monday: "Prazskiy Tort" - Cake "Prague"

I loved this cake when I was a child. It is not too sweet and has perfect amount of chocolate. It was very difficult to buy in store, people used to queue up in line for a long time to get that cake. That's why we baked it at home very often by ourselves.


Cauliflower Cake with Flax Seeds

Cauliflower Cake is a very fresh idea for serving your vegetables for dinner. This dish looks impressive on a plate and goes well with any seafood combination or roasted chicken. I really liked it the next day, we had it for breakfast with some avocado slices. If you decide to make it I promise you'll enjoy this rustic cake.

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