Springerle Cookies for Easter

I bake Springerle cookies twice an year, in winter for Christmas and in spring for Easter. "Springerle" are traditional German Christmas biscuits which were used as gifts just like these days we give each other greeting cards for the holidays. It was a matter of pride to have a unique dough mold unlike anyone else's, so the "baked greeting card" would be very special. Cookies were baked, put in jars and kept for six months. After few weeks they would become very hard, but tasty, and in order to soften them up you would have to dunk them into tea or coffee. This is why Springerle were also called "dunking cookies". Special molds for these used to be carved from pear trees. I got only three different molds like this and I love and cherish them. Maybe next Christmas I will make one more addition to my Springerle family.


Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken Sandwich with Cabbage & Corn Salad

The tender chicken breast contrasts with crunchy texture of the cabbage salad, and the honey glaze add color and flavor.


Stuffed Peppers with Spicy Rice & Cabbage (Vegetarian)

Recently I have received a package of PROGRESSO sauces to use in my recipes. Today I was making vegetarian dinner for my husband and did not feel like spending much time in the kitchen. Luckily, I have roasted tomato sauce for my recipe in advance, and hence - cooked the dish in no time. There is always something special about stuffed dishes, it's like having the main ingredient with surprise flavors. Try not to over-bake the peppers, they are very nice when they still have a little crunch.

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