Russian Monday: "Rassolnik" - Beef Short Rib Soup with Vegetables, Barley & Pickles

With great pleasure I am happy to introduce you to one of my favorite soups – pickled soup (or “rassolnik” in Russian). This is traditional soup of peasants and farmers, people working the land - hearty, tasty and cheap to cook. Today’s “rassolnik” is direct descendant of picked dishes of traditional Russian cuisine, some of which  included pirogue with stuffing soaked in cucumber or any other spicy brine. Four main varieties of “rassolnik” are made either with meat, fish, vegetable or giblets broth and pickles is mandatory ingredient in all of these varieties.


Crunchy Apple-Almond Tart with Baked Apple Chips & New Still Life "Apple Season"

Have you baked your apple pie yet? Here is another recipe for an apple tart/pie you may like to try it. Almonds add a wonderful golden hue and crunchiness to the crumble topping for this tart, which makes a perfect contrast to the sweet, juicy apple filling. Adding apple chips is totally optional, however it brings extra texture to this autumn dessert. Serve the flan with vanilla or caramel ice cream. Coffee anyone?


Russian Monday: Warm Potato Salad with Radish & Cucumber, Mustard Dressing

In serious Russian cookbooks potato salads always merit to get chapter of their own. This is because potato salad is not just salad with potatoes, like Vinegrette or "Olivier", you are already familiar with, but rather whole category of salads, in which potatoes are the leading ingredient. This particular kind of salad does not require young small potatoes (although, I like to use new potatoes for this salad), the important factor is if the kind of potatoes you use would keep their shape after boiling and can be easily cut in cubes or slices that would not break when mixing with other ingredients.


Russian Monday: "Zavarnoe Koltso" - Choux Pastry Rings with Sweet Farmer Cheese Butter Cream

I will always remember from time to time, when coming from school, in cold and rainy autumn and winter days, opening the door and immediately smell the baking sweets being made. My fondest memories are of my mother baking “Zavarnie Kolechki” (Choux Pastry Rings). I hope you'll enjoy this delicate dessert from my childhood.

I wonder what foods and recipes do you remember fondly from childhood, and where are you from?

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