Summer Burger with Avocado, Red Onion, Horseradish Sour Cream Sauce & Dijon Mustard Mayonnaise

It would be possible to write a whole cookbook on the various ways of preparing and serving hamburgers. This recipe is an interesting Summer dish, beautifully seasoned. When served with different sauces and sides, these burgers make particularly tempting outdoor food.


Turkey Kebab over Pita with Fresh Tomato Salsa

The flavors of the spiced turkey kebab with fresh tomato salsa are wonderful. Perfect for any Summer day.


Russian Monday: Cabbage Soup - Shchi

Last Sunday, at bloggers conference in Orlando, when people were finding out I was born in Russia they have been asking if I have any recipes of Russian cuisine on my blog. Apparently, I had none. I just thought that on the internet there are plenty of recipes of cabbage soup (pronounced as “sch-ee”), cabbage rolls (“go-lub-tsy”) and perogys (“pee-ro-gee”). There are tons of these things around I would not dare to say final products look really attractive. On the way home I have been thinking about all of this, about my hometown of St. Petersburg, about my mom’s home cooking and the fact that I have graduated from the Culinary Arts Institute years ago particularly in my hometown and not at any other place. I would love to stay close to my roots and I feel that my cultural background comes out anyways in all of my creations – recipes, photos and illustrations.


Food Blogger Brunch at Whole Foods, Orlando (FL) & Quinoa Breakfast Salad Recipe

group shot fbf orlando 2013-1 Brunch 4

I would like to specially thank Whole Foods of Orlando (FL) for organizing an awesome brunch for Food Forum conference participants. It was a great chance to meet families of all bloggers and get to know each other better. The food was amazing - healthy and at the same time sophisticated.
Thank you again!


Food Blog Forum Orlando (FL) 2013

Forum 1

My dear readers,

Some of you probably did not know that last weekend I have traveled to Orlando, Florida. I apologize for not posting any recipes last week. I had an honor to be selected to take part in Food Bloggers Forum among hundred participants from around the country. These have been magical three days for me and my family. Besides stay at the gorgeous Grand Floridian resort we also had tickets to four Disney parks and while I have been making new friends and learning about blogging my family had exciting time visiting "Tower of Terror" and riding Mount Everest roller coaster. The time spent was priceless and my kids wanted to stay longer. I would love to share few moments from our trip. I hope you enjoy my reporting!


Apricot Blackberry Shortbread Tart & Basil Cream

I wanted to bake this tart for quite some time. It has a special crust and the recipe is by pastry genius Pierre Herme. Ingredients include hardboiled egg yolk, so the crust comes out very tender and simply extraordinary. I have been waiting for the first apricots of the year and now they are finally in season. I have gotten ten of them - just enough for the tart. They have been sitting in a brown paper bag in order to get some more color and ripeness, but before starting to bake I put them out on counter top to get some extra inspiration.


Osso Buco Lamb with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Lamb Osso Stew 1

Perfect for a chilly spring night, this hearty dish is very delicious. The flavors are amazing. The lamb is fragrant with wine, rosemary, thyme and garlic, and falling-apart tender. My husband loved it and would be worthy of repeating.


Rye Cherry Bread with Flax & Pumpkin Seeds

It seems like we have gotten new tradition established in our house – bread baking on Friday. We usually have some friends over on Saturday or Sunday night and freshly baked bread is an ideal component for patties and cheeses. I am very fond of rustic breads with dried fruits and nuts. This one is my favorite.


Pea Shoots & Asparagus, Lemony Spring Soup

Asparagus is part of a springtime triumvirate, joining sweet peas and fresh mint as cherished sign of the season. Pea Shoots & Asparagus spring soup can be served hot or cold. Lemon zest is tasty flavor accent with asparagus. I ladle the soup into small cups for a refreshing start to a meal.

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