Merlot Sorbet

Merlot Sorbet 4

Stay cool these summer days with Merlot sorbet!


Russian Monday: "Pirozhki" - Baked Stuffed Pies

Homemade Pirozhki are supposed to be hot and rosy. Word “pirozhki” means “small pies”. These are small crescent or oval shaped baked goods usually made from yeast based dough. Pirozhki remember whole history of the culinary development of Slavic nations and they are part of many Russian traditions. For generations, pirozhki recipes have been passed from mother to daughter as methods of preparing the dough were getting more sophisticated and variety of stuffing has been growing.


Flounder with Grapes, Raisins & Marsala Wine

The inspiration for this recipe came from South African cuisine, where they tent to marry fish with fruit a lot. The sweetness of the fruit is offset by sharpness of the balsamic vinegar. This is a really light, well-balanced dish, which tastes particularly fine when served with an arugula salad.


Rustic Beef Tomato & Carrots Chili - NO Beans

This is certainly a simple and interesting dish, it looks like a chili, though a bit unusual. This sort of chili is normally not made with beans. Basically what you have is a bowl of meat, carrots and spices in tomato sauce. But you can serve it different ways.

When you serve it "two way", the sauce comes on a pile of spaghetti. When you serve it "three way", you add some grated cheese. A "four way" adds chopped yellow onions and a "five way" adds some sour cream. You can have great fun with this and I am sure that your children will think up some additional "ways" of serving this delicious dish.


Heirloom Tomato Beets Salad with Basil, Red Onion & Feta Cheese

Beets, basil and tomatoes with some red onions and feta cheese, might be my favorite ingredient combination.

I love summer!


Russian Monday: "Kissel" - Fruit Drink, Dessert

Hello everyone! Today we are learning how to make kissel.

Word “kissel” (pronounced in Russian as “kee-sel”) originates from Russian verb “kvasit”, which means “make sour”. Kissel has been integral part of traditional Russian cuisine for a long time. Before 19th century kissels were usually grain-based and thick. Popular oatmeal kissel while cooled off has been so thick that it could be cut with knife! Such thick kissels were usually served with hemp or sunflower oil.


Rosemary New York Strip Steak & Pickled Onions

This is one of the most delicious steaks I have ever eaten. It was cooked together with butter, rosemary and garlic. Try it this way!

Have a gorgeous weekend!


Minty Kiwi Smoothie with Lime - Refreshing Drink

Minty Kiwi Smoothie with Lime - wonderful, slushy drink that is easy to make, instantly refreshing, and always delicious. Whether you buzz up a quick batch for breakfast on the run, a pick me-up after a workout, or a fun, healthy snack for the kids, you'll soon discover that smoothie is perfect for today's fast-paced, healthy lifestyle.


Vanilla Rum Plum Jam

Plum Jam 3

Plums are most plentiful in the summer, so it is well worth making a batch of jam to enjoy during the rest of the year. Adding the rum and vanilla to plums produces a luxurious jam that's perfect served on warm buttered toast or English muffins at tea time. Also you can serve this incredible jam as an accompaniment to strong cheese, or sliced with roast duck or pork.


Lavender Cupcakes with Vanilla Lemon Marshmallow Topping

Lavender has a potent flavor, but that doesn't mean it has to be overpowering in dessert. In these beautiful Lavender Cupcakes with Lemon Marshmallow Topping, the vibrancy of lemon both brings out and helps temper the musky floral qualities of lavender. The flavors harmonize beautifully and make for cupcakes much more interesting.


Sesame Oat Square Bars with Pear Compote

Some things always turn out well, including these wonderful little desserts - Sesame Oat Square Bars with Pear Compote. This healthy version uses the coconut oil and no eggs. Excellent treats/snacks for any time of day. Enjoy and have a good weekend!


Russian Monday: Vatrushka Farmer Cheese Pastry

One of the popular types of pirogues, plump Russian “vatrushka” (pronounced “vat-roo-shka”) always looks not only tasty but also sensual. It is a round shape griddle-cake open on top and closed around the sides which is usually filled with farmer cheese or cottage cheese on less commonly with jam or marmalade.

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