Szechuan Eggplant & Aromatic White Rice - Happy Lunar New Year!

This simple, but very tasty, Asian-style dish can be prepared and cooked in just 15 minutes.


Farro with Mushrooms, Carrots & Perfectly Poached Egg

Farro is described as "the mother of all wheat" since it was the oldest grain domesticated by humans. In ancient Rome it was a staple food that provided the main source of nourishment for the Roman legions. Farro almost disappeared during the last centuries because of the lower yielding compared with the modern wheats.

Farro can be used as substitute for rice and pasta in many dishes. Use it in salads, soups and pilafs, or at "farrotto", an alternative to traditional risotto. Farro with mushrooms and poached egg is simple, tasty and healthy dish.


Rustic Bread Baked with Three Different Flours & Still Life with Bread & Eggs

"In Greek myth, bread is sacred to that irascible but generous goddess, Demeter, who taught young Triptolemus the art of agriculture, including the cultivation of grain.

The invention of bread in Neolithic times marks a key stage in man's progress from hunter to farmer and shepherd. The Romans construed a divine origin for bread, deeming that the word panis derived from the sylvan god Pan, allegedly the first to have cooked the grain that Ceres gave to man. Indeed, the image of Pan was actually reproduced on loaves of bread. To make bread, the best grain was selected and stone-ground. The resulting flour was mixed with oil and water and leavened with fermented dough...


Russian Monday: "Ukha" - Fish Soup

“Ukha” is Russian word used to name fish broth or fish soup. In this meaning it exists in the language for about 250 years or so, but before it was used for any fish or meat based soup, pea soup or sometime even sweet soup served with sugar. In the dictionary “Lexicon” published in 1704, “ukha” is defined as synonym for “gravy”.


Carrot Morning Cakes with Oatmeal Crumb - Have a Sweet Weekend!

For a simple tasty breakfast, try this old-time country style recipe. Sprinkle these large puffy cakes with sugar and cinnamon for a delectably simple dessert.


Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter & Sage

Gnocchi are delicious poached dumpling-like preparations. They are typically North Italian, although Roman gnocchi (made with potatoes) are a regional specialty rarely found in Northern home kitchens. A light hand is the watchword for these delicacies, otherwise they will be soggy and leaden.


Old-Fashioned Stuffed Baked Clams

This is quite an old-fashioned recipe but I really love it! A very simple appetizer but full of flavor. Make sure that you use fresh clams as this will provide the best result.


Wheat Bran Morning Cakes with Pears

Quick breakfast cakes are made from the same type of batter as muffins. They share the same uneven, sometimes cake-like crumb. They are breads we fill with nuts and cranberries at Christmas, pumpkin puree near Thanksgiving, and zucchini at summer's end when garden is overrun with the squash.

Full of the goodness of wheat, these wholesome, hearty morning cakes taste wonderful on their own, yet are made even better by stirring a handful of pumpkin seeds and the poached pears into the batter.


Russian Monday: "Shtrudel" - Apple Strudel, Perfect Dessert

Strudel is a world famous dessert delicacy. It originates from Austria where even in the smallest town every morning starts from the smell of apples with cinnamon spreading around. It comes from the bakeries where their caring owners are preparing strudel pastry for the morning coffee of local residents. If you ever try this pastry in one of the local coffee shops, you will always remain a devoted fan of it. Smell of fresh strudel is a smell of home, warm hands and morning freshness…


Fettuccine with Roasted Pumpkin Puree & Walnuts

The season of pumpkins is behind us, but this is the vegetable my family and I can eat all year round. Before the farms close their doors for picking late fruits and vegetables, I always make sure to have enough pumpkins in my refrigerator for at least three months. Luckily, in cool place this vegetable can stay fresh for a while and we have a pleasure to cook sweet and fantastic dishes all winter. Usually we have pumpkin madness around Thanksgiving holiday and this dish should give you very sweet and pleasant déjà vu. Nice garlicky roasted pumpkin with quinoa fettuccine will delight you with earthy and nutty flavors, but you can switch pasta to any other of your choosing. This is absolutely stunning dish which is very simple to cook.


Lemon and Poppy Seeds Breakfast Cake

You have probably noticed by now how much I like to use props for my styling and photography: variety of dishes, cups, cutting boards, flowers, napkins etc. Yes I do, but not in this case. This cake speaks for itself and does not need any accessories to look pretty or desirable. It is the best lemon and poppy seeds breakfast cake you will ever try. It is moist, lemony, sweet and buttery with perfect crunchiness of poppy seeds. You can bake it in a loaf pan, or muffin cups or even mini muffin cups. The result will be the same - fantastic!


Russian Monday: Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Quinoa, Onions & Carrots (gluten & dairy free)

My recipe of Stuffed Cabbage Rolls became very popular, and now I would like to present you a liter version of the same. It is vegetarian, gluten free and, if you omit sour cream, it would be dairy free also. New Year always starts with new resolutions and eating healthy is often one of them. So why not to make healthy food to taste great as well? Stuffed cabbage rolls can be your main dish or side to roasted chicken or beef. Also this time I have used a different type of cabbage with softer texture and sweeter taste. All around, it is simple dish with many beautiful flavors.


Quiche Lorraine (Whole Wheat Pastry)

This classic quiche has some delightful characteristics that are often forgotten in modern recipes; namely very thin pastry, a creamy, light filling and smoked bacon. Perfect for brunch, parties or family suppers, this tasty quiche celebrates a timeless combination of cheese and bacon, accompanied by a salad and fresh fruit.

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