After the Rain...

"Spring rain 
conveyed under the trees
in drops".

Matsuo Basho's Haiku


Summer Jams

When summer is approaching, I start contemplating visits to local farms to collect some berries and fruits for my jams and preserves. Over the past few years I have cooked many scrumptious jams, but every summer I have developed more unique recipes. Without having some homemade preserves on the shelf any house is not complete.

When we cook breakfasts on a weekend my kids like to pick their favorite jams and syrups for waffles and pancakes. Sometimes we have our breakfast outside on the porch and freshly made berry jams are an important part of it, just like they are part of any summer sweet gatherings.


Still Life with Bread & Onions, Plus Exciting News!

My Still life with Bread & Onion was selected to be in the 20th Annual Artsbridge Juried Show. This year, 298 pieces were submitted. From that total, 84 hanging works and 8 sculptures were chosen. The show will take place at New Hope Arts Center, 2 Stockton Avenue, New Hope, PA. The dates of the show are: Saturday, June 14-Saturday, June 28


Cape Cod, MA - Part #2 & Seafood Summer Dishes

Cape Cod was a beautiful dream, the one you love to come back again and again. My friend told me that if I come to Cape Cod in October, I can pick enough wild mushrooms for next three years. I don't remember the last time I picked forest mushrooms, but I surely love to cook, dry, and marinade them. This would be a treat to cook mushrooms from the place as unique as Cape Cod!


Cape Cod, MA - Part #1 & Summer Desserts

We have taken few days off to get away from our kitchen renovation and headed for Cape Code, Massachusetts, to enjoy some sand beaches, blue water and fresh air. Instantly I fell in love with the beauty of Atlantic coast. I even think I would love to move there in my near future tender age :) I have put together few pictures from our trip for your enjoyment!

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