Russian Monday: "Sladkay Bulochka" - Cinnamon Chocolate Pastry Wheels

Sweet, buttery, laced with chocolate and fragrant with cinnamon, these beautiful twisted wheels is easy to prepare and you can serve them with a chilled glass of milk or some hot coffee or tea.


Country Biscuits with Sour Cream & Chives

Flaky, white biscuits are easy to make. One of the fastest of baked goods to put together, biscuits are among the most reliable. People who make them with regularity barely have to measure the ingredients - a quick stir, a pat or two, and a fast roll-out are all it takes before the biscuits are popped in the oven. The dough should be handled only a little, but it does need the few seconds of kneading called for.


Russian Monday: "Kartofelnye Zrazy" - Potato Cutlets Stuffed with Mushrooms

Zrazy is a dish of Lithuanian, Belarusian, Polish and Ukrainian cuisines. Word “zrazy” is of polish origin, it means “slices”, “cut pieces” of something. Despite its Polish name, for the first time the dish is mentioned in the Lithuanian historical records of 14th century.


Cauliflower Soup with Tiny Meatballs & Oregano

This is very simple every day soup, it took me no more then 20 minutes to make it. This time I used all organic ingredients as well as grass-fed ground beef. Healthy food for after school meal. My kids loved it!


Fried Green Tomatoes with Cornmeal from "Glass Gem" Corn

These fried green tomatoes are crisp outside and so succulent inside, they will melt in your mouth. So make plenty for everyone.


Russian Monday: "Pozharsky Cutlets" - Ground Chicken Cutlets with Homemade Breadcrumbs

The Pozharsky cutlets have become a popular dish of the Russian cuisine at the beginning of the19th century. Their name and origin are attributed to prince Pozharsky, one of the noblemen of the time.  Moscow’s crown prince was visiting, and Pozharsky’s favorite veal cutlets were to be served. But as ill luck would have it, no fresh veal was found in any of Pozharsky’s kitchens. To save the day, the prince ordered his chef to prepare the cutlets with chicken. The dish was so much to the liking of the crown prince, that  he asked for its recipe. Since then, these chicken cutlets have spread through the kitchens of the nobility and later on they became popular among ordinary people.


Food Blog Forum - Part 3: Beyond Farms & Baked Purple Potato Chips

These irresistible baked potato chips are made from the purple potatoes grown in my dear neighbor's garden, 100% homegrown and organic. I have baked them for the after school snack for my kids and as soon as I put chips out on the plate, they were gone. My daughter asked if I can bake more for her lunchbox and that is what I am going to do! You may use different spices, but I found smoked paprika and parsley being a perfect combination.

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