My New Orderly Kitchen

My dear readers, as many of you know that during the summer time, my blog was a little lonely as I did not post any new recipes for you. Unfortunately, I did not take a vacation to some exotic place and forgot all about the blog nor did I abandon it. We were renovating our kitchen and it took us four long month to do so. In the beginning, we only planned to change our cabinets, but we ended up changing pretty much everything: floor, lights, walls, fireplace, furniture and dishwasher.

These are our “in process” photos. Sorry about the quality of the images, they were taken with my phone.



It was a very long process, and when I look back, I don’t know how we accomplished it. Of course, we had amazing help of the architect from the William Draper Cabinetmaker, without whom it would have been impossible. He is an “old school” brilliant guy, not to mention a pleasant person, who came to our house with architectural plans for our kitchen drawn in pencil by hand. So, you see how fortunate we are to have somebody like that in our remodeling. His attention to detail was meticulous, he designed very unique cabinets for us and he was present every step of the process.

I am very happy how my kitchen turned out. I was going for French country style with a modern twist. I call it “the old world meets the new world” – it has a country feeling, yet very modern and sophisticated.

I took a few photos to give you a glimpse of what my kitchen looks like. I hope you like my design, since we spent many days agonizing on just selecting materials, looking for the right tiles and searching for the perfect granite (which looks like marble). If you have any questions about anything you see on my photos and would like to know the name of product or where to find it, please let me know and I will be happy to share that information.

Materials we used: tiles, granite, travertine stone.

Some close up details.

When my kitchen was done, I started thinking about organizing the shelves. I knew that I would need many containers to help me with that task. They would need to be labeled, of course, very accessible, and because I have tons of dry ingredients, my containers should be all different sizes, so that they can be placed one on a top of another. And one more thing- they all MUST be the same style. See, I am very picky and I searched many options and thankfully, I believe I found the containers that match all of my requirements. They are stackable & square, so I can fit even more of them on my shelves, plus they can be opened with just one hand. I especially love the tight seal and the round corners which make pouring a breeze. These Pop OXO containers have been really well designed, and I believe they’re a great investment in my new kitchen.

I organized a set on my Pinterest board, which has many ideas from the container store. I think it is one of my guilty pleasures – it’s an organizer’s paradise. Whenever I spend time pinning to my set, I can already imagine the different ways I could re-organize my home & kitchen and I always end up with full shopping cart and grandiose plans.

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This post is being sponsored by OXO Storage & Organization but I did not receive any compensation for this post, I received OXO kitchen containers to organize my kitchen.

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