First November Snow

There is no recipe today, just beautiful pictures of first November snow and happy colors. Take a walk with me around my neighborhood. Enjoy!


Braised Rabbit with Mustard - Lapin a La Moutarde

This historically traditional French dish is sure to climb into a top spot on anyone's favorite comfort food list. My own personal experience at BOUCHON had inspired me to bring this amazing dish to life. With simple fresh ingredients, I was able to perfectly compliment the Rabbit's flavors, which always are a welcomed change from our typical everyday sources of protein. Easy to make, without being too fancy, yet fit for every occasion or holiday. Enjoy!


Melangery Stamped Honey-Vanilla Cookies

One of the things my kids could always count on when they come from school, is finding homemade sugar cookies in the big blue cookie jar in my old kitchen hutch.

These cookies are very special, they have my blog signature. What would you write on your cookie?


Rye Bread with Flax, Amaranth, Quinoa & Sesame Seeds

Home-baked bread speaks to us of the warmth of the hearth and home. It conjures up bustling kitchens, flour-dusted work counters, large bowls covered with dishtowels, ovens yearning for bread pans filled with plum, yielding dough. The baked bread, which permeates the house with its indescribable aroma, is beautifully browned, its crust crisp or softly elastic. There it sits, cooling on a wire rack, waiting for the time to be right to slice it and spread it with pale creamery butter and maybe a spoonful of the apple butter.

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