Filet Mignon Steak with Blue Cheese & Rosemary Butter, Spicy Potato on a Side

Simple dinner idea with a twist under 40 minutes time. Butter blended with fresh herbs, known as a compound butter, makes a simple but delicious embellishment for any kind of steak.


Russian Monday on Saturday: "Oladushky" - Honey Yeast Blini ( Pancakes, Blintzes )

Winter farewell is a time of awakening; the beginning of new life. Since ancient times, people have enjoyed this time of the year. Festivals and carnivals are held all over the world: Chinese New Year, Venice Carnival, a holiday of the trees - Tu B’Shvat in Israel, Mardi Gras, even Groundhog Day, which was brought to America from Germany, and one of the oldest Russian holidays - Maslenitsa.


Winter Salad with Beans, Potato & Roasted Beets

The beets color this warm winter salad a delightful purple, but if you like to keep colors separate, add the beets last. This salads good on its own as a side dish, or as a base for pan-fried fish or chicken.


Russian Monday: "Kortofelnaya Zapekanka" - Beef & Potato Сasserole

Recipes using ground meat were very popular when I lived in Russia, probably because ground meat is the kind of ingredient that allows a lot of variety.  Potato casserole with ground meat is the dish used to be cooked by our moms and grandmas. I don’t know the origins of it, but I can say for sure that it is traditional dish of Russian cuisine.


Chocolate-Lace Lollipops with Dried Fruit & Nuts

This sweet delight is a classic combination of chocolate and dried fruit, but in the form a pretty lollipop. The beautiful and unique chocolate bouquet for your Valentine!


Lemon & Blueberry Cake with Poppy Seeds (no flour, no sugar)

This Lemon & Blueberry cake is doubly enriched with the juice and zest of the fresh lemon. Poppy seeds stirred into a almond batter give flavor and texture. The blueberries and honey are natural partners: the sweet flowery flavor of the honey plays up to the slightly sassy blueberries. I can only say one thing - delightful cake!


Homemade Healthy Winter Jello

Recently I had a stomach virus and I was in bed for a few days, yuck :( As soon as I started feeling a bit better I started craving a jello. I was dying to taste a fruity, berry or orange cool dessert and asked my husband to get me some as soon as possible. He rushed to the store and brought me four-pack of fruit jello. To tell you the truth, I do not buy things like desserts and puddings. You know me, I cook everything myself from scratch and use ingredients as natural and as organic as possible. But in the situation when you are sick and you want something, it does not matter what you get, because it has be now.

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