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Purple Vegetables Still Life & Helpful article about freezers

Purple Vegetables Still Life (2015)

This is one of my new still life, very dramatic. Beets, eggplant and purple sweet potatoes can be simply beautiful. This picture was done with Mamiya camera – super sharp image.

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How To Purchase The Right Freezer

With families feeling the squeeze amid the much reported ‘cost of living crisis’, many are actively seeking ways to stretch their household budget. A fridge and freezers are worthwhile investments for families who want to save time and money because these allow them to purchase food in bulk on stores like Tesco without worrying about spoilage. With a lid that opens upwards and a seemingly bottomless cavern, these appliances offer huge storage potential but it is important to take into account a number of considerations before purchasing a suitable model for your home.

Choosing a freezer for your home

These appliances are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from small square models which are similar in size to a standard fridge to wide versions over a meter in length which offer vast amounts of storage. Not only should you consider the amount and type of food you wish to store but also the availability of space in your home.

Many homeowners prefer to keep their fridges and freezers in a garage or other outbuilding separate from the main living space of the property, simply because of the large amount of space that is needed for the appliance.

Manufacturers often advise that fridges and freezers should not be stored in rooms where the air temperature falls below 10°C, such as garages, although it is highly likely that you know someone who does this without experiencing any problems! If you plan to store your freezer in a cold outbuilding, you may wish to consider a model which is specifically designed for this purpose.

Special features

Fortunately freezers tend to be quite simple in their design, making choosing one quite straightforward. For ease of use, a model that offers storage baskets is ideal for smaller items, such as frozen vegetables, as they are less likely to become buried under a mound of bulkier foods. A counterbalanced lid (i.e. one that stays open when raised) means you have two hands to sort through the contents while an audible alert if the internal temperature of the unit rises is vital to avoid losing expensive food if it melts.

Freezers are the perfect, cost-effective way to store large quantities of food and items which are too large to fit into a regular freezer. With a little forward-planning you will be able to choose the best model for your lifestyle and home.

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