Strawberries in Syrup With Cardamom & Rose Water

Sweet and fragrant, a strawberry in syrup nourishes the soul as well as body. Ideal for relaxed weekend mornings when the family wanders in for breakfast, just serve over crispy waffles or fluffy pancakes with rich cream and your favorite coffee.


Luxurious Lobster Bisque & Other Unique Lobster Recipes That Are a Must Try This Summer

Are you looking for a dinner that isn't just the same beef, pork, or chicken dish? Maybe you're planning to cook a fancy dinner for you and your significant other. Lobster is a great way to take your dinner plans to the next level. But rather than going with the typical lobster tail and butter, why not consider one of the following recipes?


Avocado Appetizer with Yogurt, Garlic, Micro Greens and Chive Flower

Chive flower is a the first flower I ate this summer from our garden. I was standing by the chives picking off the flowers to promote more leaf growth, and I thought they might taste good. They certainly do - a crunchy, mild onion flavor. I have since added them to few dishes, from baked potatoes to salads of every description. My favorite and most attractive is avocado appetizer with yogurt, garlic, and micro greens.

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