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4 Exciting Ways to Use Coffee in Recipe

Think coffee is just a beverage? If so, you are missing out on the wide array of unique dishes you can create using coffee. From breakfast all the way to dessert, this much-loved drink can add extraordinary flavor to many of your favorite foods. Coffee is also highly versatile, making it an exceptional pairing with a range of other flavors.

If you’ve been looking to add a bit of excitement to mealtime, check out several of the unique ways you can use coffee in recipes.

Grilled and baked meats

Although it may sound unconventional at first, coffee can add robust flavor to all varieties of meat. You can use freshly ground coffee on ribeye, turkey, roasts, pork, lamb, burgers, or any other type of meat you prefer. To properly add the flavor, you can create either a dry rub or a marinade. If you enjoy a bit of a kick to your food, feel free to add your favorite seasoning (such as cumin or cayenne) to complement the coffee rub or marinade.


If you previously believed that the only dessert that could be made using coffee is tiramisu, you might be shocked to find out how many desserts you can make using coffee. Dessert time provides endless opportunities to spice things up with coffee. Add your grounds to brownies, ice cream, chocolate bark, or pudding to create a distinct coffee flavor.

Avocado Coffee Smoothie recipe


When served separately, coffee and bacon are the staples of a satisfying breakfast. However, you can now combine two of your morning favorites into one recipe. Coffee bacon is quickly emerging as a new all-in-one favorite. For best results, make your bacon with both coffee and sugar for an irresistible treat.

Coffee jelly

If you can’t get enough coffee in your life, you can now take things to the next level. Instead of conventional strawberry or grape flavors, you can now make coffee jelly to spread on your morning toast. Most recipes follow standard methods of making jelly, with the minor change of adding coffee rather than fruit.

Coffee can be used as more than just a drink

As the four recipes listed above demonstrate, coffee is absolutely more than just a beverage. People who love coffee can now enjoy their favorite drink throughout the day with almost any meal. If your recipes have become boring lately, find new inspiration in the many dishes you can craft using your favorite type of coffee.

Irish Coffee recipe.

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