Connection between a tasty pizza and overcoming depression.

If you’re in the mood for a little lighthearted reading, we thought we’d share with you this humorous and informative piece on the connection between pizza and depression. It’s worth a read — we guarantee that even if you’re not feeling depressed, it’ll leave you feeling better than ever! Ok, now let’s get serious for a second: overcoming depression is extremely difficult. There are many things to consider, such as finding safe ways to express your emotions and thoughts, trying new activities, finding accountability partners who will positively influence your recovery process… But whatever your journey entails or wherever it may lead, don’t forget that people love and support you just as much as they always have. You’re not alone.

What’s the connection between a tasty pizza and overcoming depression?

Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Irvin D. Yalom, MD, wrote Love’s Executioner: The Myth of the Self-Absorbed Adult. He presents his take on “rebellious children” about adults who have trouble connecting with others in this book. He says that some people, such as rebels and psychopaths, use food to cope with their anxieties and stressors. Therefore Dr. Yalom believes that when depressed people eat pizza, they show signs of self-soothing behavior.

We couldn’t agree more. We’re not always thinking about how eating pizza can help us in times of need. It’s all about the moment. If a depressed person needs to eat a tasty slice of pizza to lift their mood, it’s the right thing to do! Try meal delivery by this link, and you’ll be enjoying a pizza in your own home soon. Just as you wouldn’t turn down the pizza if it showed up on your doorstep, you shouldn’t eat less food because you’re feeling blue.

Studies have shown that some people eat just one slice of pizza before bed and sleep very well. This excellent example shows that eating something delicious can be a relaxation tool. At the same time, this is another perfect way to break the cycle of depression — choosing food will always make you happy again.

Pizza makes you happy and calms your nerves. Pizza comforts you when you’re miserable. So here we are with our little list below to help you find what works for you:

  1. Pizza leads to a better night’s sleep for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep at night because of depression.
  2. Pizza helps you control your appetite so that your eating becomes less compulsive and more enjoyable.
  3. Pizza helps you control your appetite for sweets, giving you an alternative healthy snack that can be enjoyed between meals.
  4. Pizza satisfies that sweet tooth craving healthily, unlike candy-coated chewing gum or chocolate bars.
  5. Pizza leads to positive thoughts and feelings, which helps you feel better about yourself and your life.
  6. Pizza always brings a smile to your face and makes you feel relaxed again!

What other tasty foods or activities make you feel better?

Here are some more foods that may help you connect with your internal resilience.

  • Berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries
  • Oatmeal: whole grains and milk with spices (like cinnamon)
  • Seeds: pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
  • Vast amounts of water: enough to quench your thirst and to keep yourself hydrated
  • Spinach/Kale: They taste delicious in salads or cooked in soups or stews. Some people also eat cooked spinach for breakfast as it’s low in calories. This one is a little bitter so adding a teaspoon or two of sugar helps make it more palatable.
  • Oranges: they are rich in Vitamin C and fiber, which helps keep your digestive tract running smoothly.
  • Yogurt: pack some flavors that you enjoy with granola/cereal or fresh fruits like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.
  • A Change of Scenery: The outdoors can be a great mood booster, especially if it’s sunny out! You may also consider doing an activity such as a movie or a play at a local theatre that you might have otherwise considered too expensive to do on your own…
  • Tea: Chinese black tea is good for relieving stress and boosting the immune system. Green or black tea can be a great source of antioxidants, including polyphenols, which help fight age.
  • Healthy Food Recipes: Some people have found that reheating the leftovers from a meal cooked that week helps them cope with depression.   
  • Update: People who still like pepperoni on their pizza often make “pepperoni pizza soup,” which is high in protein and magnesium!
  • Aromatherapy: Many people who try aromatherapy find that it seriously helps them cope with depression and anxiety — especially if they’re stuck inside all day with nothing to do except worry about work or other aspects of life. Some oils such as basil, peppermint, and lemon are great at uplifting your mood.
  • Yoga and Meditation: These are great ways to manage stress and cope with depression…and many people find that their depression lifts when they sit cross-legged on the floor and meditate.
  • Pets: some people find comfort in spending time with animals, especially dogs or cats (which are both considered “man’s best friend”). They provide unconditional love without judgment and often help relieve anxiety by focusing your attention outward rather than on yourself.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like going out for a meal. Try asking a trustworthy friend to go out with you one day and find someplace fun. Then take your mind off of everything and enjoy your break! You need a lift from someone else, so it’s essential to have healthy social skills.

You can also benefit from exercise, even if it’s just lifting weights at the gym on days when you don’t have time for a more strenuous activity like yoga or aerobics (suitable for general feeling good).


As you can see, pizza is a gift from heaven that anyone can enjoy. However, if you’re battling depression, you may want to consider that this delicious food can make all the difference when it comes to living a fulfilling life. We firmly believe that eating is the best antidepressant, which should make your recovery even more accessible. So while pizza can be an antidepressant on its own, there are also other ways to heal your mind, including a  professional treatment or trying alternative therapies such as meditation or Reiki.

We hope this article has made you smile too! In any case, if you’re feeling depressed, we wish you the strength to cope with the situation and the glorious self-confidence of getting through it! Until next time…

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