Welcome to the Melangery, a food blog that provides more than unique mouthwatering recipes and beautiful photography.  As the name of the blog suggests, “mélange” is a medley of my favorites pastimes – cooking, taking pictures and constantly looking for new inspiration from nature and my experiences.  My name is Yelena, and you can find my photography portfolio here.  My blog is my outlet for creativity; where I can unveil my culinary creations and inspire readers through visual art to cook and serve beautiful food at home.

I started my career in photography as a journalist, traveling around the world, learning about various cultures and traditions.  Some of my favorites memories and influences range from the time spent with Tibetan monks to attending Kabalah conventions in Israel. I like finding that unique emotional moment, action shot, landscape or portrait and then follow the inspiration.  I find just as much enjoyment in sitting by myself savoring that first cup of coffee in the morning to slaving over a hot stove cooking sophisticated meals for family and friends.  When I searched myself to combine all the things I enjoy and marry them with my talents, I realized that capturing gourmet food is my passion. My photography is unique because it tells a meaningful story. My forte is to create, cook, style and shoot images for each recipe.

Currently, I live in a countryside house with ample space for fruit trees and herbal garden and now days I seek my inspiration in nature. I collect Old World recipe books, antique china, silverware, and vintage long gloves. I enjoy French music and wine, changing seasons, and long walks in the park. But most of all, I am delighted and excited to share my passion with publishers, clients and hope to inspire my readers to create something beautiful.

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  • rustykalna kuchnia
    June 4, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    You have an inspirational blog!!! Beauty picture, amazing recipes … good to meet you 🙂

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